Week 11-13 summary (21st November – 9th December)

This is a first post that has three weeks combined together – it’s a very nice option to have.
Week summaries for 9th and 10th week will come soon.

Exactly as with the next post, this one will be rather short and without all that biographic details – instead, it’ll only consist of the presentation that I made for the assessment. It not only fully covers the development process, but also has my concept (or research proposal, if you wish) and research for the brief. This presentation in a future will become a part of the big range of document that will accompany the finished product.
As this presentation was meant to be seen on a large screen, I’d suggest to download it here and open it on a full screen – otherwise some text might be too small.

My previous spaceships (at least the most popular) can be found here and here. What is interesting is that you can access statistics to see how many people actually downloaded the world to try it out.

All this statistics will be handled in with the ship itself for the final assesment.

An ultimate goal for this brief is to export the game model and 3d print it, but it seems like the game will crash if I’ll try to export the ship of this size.

More general life stuff coming later.


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