Week 14-17 summary (12th December – 13th January)

This is a second post that has three weeks combined together – truly, this way it’s much easier!

As the entire experience for the project was written by me in a form of presentation for a final critique, there’s honestly not that much else to write about, so here it is:

Overall, this brief was the most challenging for me so far in terms of idea development. It took me a very long time and many conversations with different people to come up with something. Current idea is very clearly a meltdown of all the inspirations that I had over this period, rather than something that I came up easily and smoothly right from the beginning, as I always did.

Last, but not least, I’d like to try to improve my piece later by, probably, using another plastic piece that I did first and considered a fail at that moment – it looks much scarier and not that obvious as the current one.

Here’s the outcome piece once again.

As for the nostalgic and diary-alike part of the post, it will be added later this weeekend for a sake of nostalgic me a couple of years later. It’s 2/3 done, but lacks some key part about the Moscow trip, so yeah…


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