Week 17-20 summary (13-10 Febrary)

This is a third and last of the Stage 2 blog posts. Stage 3 posts are going to be weekly summaries again.

As for this one I decided to post it immediately with all life stuff bundled in, I’ll write about all of them first and then move over to an actual university work.

First of all, a nice photo from this period to have it on top of the blog post. This time it’s a nice light of the oven (I finally learned to cook something more advanced than spaghetti!).


Life events

Ookay, so, here’s all fun and not really, but still worth mentioning things that happened to me over this four weeks:

I finally got a tube of thermal paste from the Amazon and managed to disassemble and clean my laptop. That’s how 4 years of dust looks like!
It was extremely scary – doing this to my main instrument for work and studying, but it turned out to be very healthy for a laptop – temperature dropped from 100C+ under a heavy load to 65-75C.

On a cycling front – I broke my wheel on Friday 3rd February and had to walk for an hour and a half under a rain. I then ordered a new one, but it turned out that it has a smaller connector hole than the connector on my inner tube, so I had to bring it to the uni and drill it a bit to make it work.

Now, that’s just a couple of nice photos from the road to the uni. I really should bring my camera with me once for a change.

Recycle/Upcycle project


After some research, I decided to make a laser cutted book. Laser cutting was an interesting technology that I always wanted to use and I was also planning to make this wooden album for quite a long time now. I wanted to make it a present for the upcoming Valentines Day so I chose to make owls on a cover as it was something that we use with my girlfriend to call each over.


I started from making a test hinges to see what patterns will work the best with the wood this thick. I found a template on the internet with many different types of living hinges. However, it quite quickly turned out that you need to measure how thick the material is to make a pattern work.

In order to do an Illustrator template for a the book, I used a card that I made for this Christmas.


This is an Illustrator file I ended up with – with all the multiple cutting and engraving layers.

Creation process during which I managed to get myself locked in the university. Bottom layer was painted with wood stain that I bought after a long consultation with Dilan when we chose the best color for it.


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