Week 17-20 summary (13-10 Febrary)

This is a third and last of the Stage 2 blog posts. Stage 3 posts are going to be weekly summaries again.

As for this one I decided to post it immediately with all life stuff bundled in, I’ll write about all of them first and then move over to an actual university work.

First of all, a nice photo from this period to have it on top of the blog post. This time it’s a nice light of the oven (I finally learned to cook something more advanced than spaghetti!).

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Week 8 summary (31st – 6th November)

Dear diary,
At the end of the October I took a week off and went to Ireland to visit my girlfriend who was studying on exchange program in Trinity College in Dublin. It was inspiring and beautiful trip and it charged my energy and motivation for a little while, even though it was very hard to leave again at the end. It was also a great relief, since all my thoughts in a past week before the trip were only about seeing  Ira again and it was very hard for me to focus and work.

I’m being a bit romantic and descriptive here and a bit turning a blog into a diary, but at the end of the day that’s kinda what the blog should be – and I’m sure that a year or two later I’ll be glad to revisit everything again since that what kind of a person I am. On top of that, my next blog posts (about an Assessment week and Stage 2 briefs) are going to contain a lot of material.


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Most scary day of my life

This weekend we had an elections in Russia so I went to London to vote.
To get there I had to take a train from Haslemere (town nearby, slightly closer to my home than Farnham).

You should never trust hills in the UK.

What seemed to be much closer than Farnham turned to be behind an absolutely crazy hill, also covered with a forest (no car roads, only footpaths).
But I still made it to the Haslemere (sometimes just walking with a bike when hills were too steep).

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