Week 10 summary (14-18 November)

//This is a post that was in a draft state for a while. It’s actually a first week of the first project of the second stage. I don’t want to merge it with the Week 11-13 summary (21st November – 9th December) as I already have it written and just want to publish it.

This week was rather uneventful. If I’m right, we started a new stage and were preparing for a reading week.

This weekend I also started one of my side freelance jobs – a picture for the level selection screen of this game. Here’s the two rough sketches I made this weekend, just trying to layout the main structure and composition.

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Week 9 summary (7th – 11th November)

This week was rather quick and nervous, with not that many events to record. It’s funny though – how much you can remember about a day three months ago, using just your geo-location data and photos you made.
As usual – here’s just a random photo of this week just to have it on top of the post – my super-compact lazylunch.


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Week 8 summary (31st – 6th November)

Dear diary,
At the end of the October I took a week off and went to Ireland to visit my girlfriend who was studying on exchange program in Trinity College in Dublin. It was inspiring and beautiful trip and it charged my energy and motivation for a little while, even though it was very hard to leave again at the end. It was also a great relief, since all my thoughts in a past week before the trip were only about seeing  Ira again and it was very hard for me to focus and work.

I’m being a bit romantic and descriptive here and a bit turning a blog into a diary, but at the end of the day that’s kinda what the blog should be – and I’m sure that a year or two later I’ll be glad to revisit everything again since that what kind of a person I am. On top of that, my next blog posts (about an Assessment week and Stage 2 briefs) are going to contain a lot of material.


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Week 7 summary (24-28 October)

15/12/16 – It’s been more than a month since my last entry. I’ll probably make some sort of a reflection post about all the stuff that happened, but not today. Now it’s time to just try to write about all the university experiences over this period, leaving the reasons of my demotivation aside.
In the next couple of days I’m planning to cover all the weeks that passed, trying to catch only the main events and thoughts and probably not dividing it into separate days.
To some extend, it’s actually quite interesting to write after such pause since I can also reflect upon my initial thoughts and what I think about it now, month-and-a-half later.


My first proper British fog.

This weekend I bought my ticket for the Ireland trip and was now 100% sure that I’ll come which was an insane relief.

From now on I decided that I’ll also include some of my previous works that are somehow related to reflect upon them and kinda compare them with what I`m doing on this course. It’ll also just add a bit more content to the posts =)

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Week 4 summary (3-7 October)

I become slower and slower with writing those summaries, need to gather myself up.

Last weekend I and my dad, who came to Churt to visit me, went to the Sculpture Park, which turned out to be just around the corner (or more like around the hill, actually) of my house.
It’s great, a lot of very beautiful sculptures, all hidden between in the wood. I made a separate post about it here.

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